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S.O.S. 2003/2004

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Student Projects

Students in SOS learn software engineering by participating in a year-long software projects, starting with a feasibility study in the fall (just 2 credits or 12% of their time), and continuing half time in winter and spring.

As of the second week of the quarter (October 7, 2003), conversations among SOS students and faculty identified potential year-long projects. There are brief vision/problem statements and preliminary statements of scope and objectives for each of these, and they are posted below.

The proposed projects, in alphabetical order:

3D Game Engine(offsite link)
Big Canopy Database [BCD] (offsite link)
The Big Canopy Database (BCD) is a research reference system developed for the benefit of canopy researchers
Concurrency in UNIX (offsite link)
Engine Management/RTOS
Engine management merged with Real Time Operating Systems
Therm4 Control System
Legal XML (offsite link)
eze-com (offsite link)
An easy-to-use e-commerce plug-in for the Paper Airplane peer-to-peer web system.

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