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16 credits full session
Steven Hendricks, 867-5745, & Gail Tremblay, 867-6334
T W Th, 11a-5p
Special expenses: $150-$200 for tools and materials
CRN: 40138

We will explore the union of poetry and book-arts through writing workshops, design, bookbinding, and letterpress printing. Students will study and practice both traditional and experimental forms. Readings will include Drucker’s The Century of Artists’ Books and Fred Zydek’s Stumbling through the Stars, along with readings in design, poetics and the history of the book. We will consider what makes a book a cohesive work of art and not merely a convenient collection. At the end of the program, students will have created a “chapbook” length bookwork using any of a variety of media.

The program is structured to emphasize skills in poetic composition and revision, traditional and experimental bookbinding, and letterpress printing. Your final project needn’t emphasize all of these to the same degree. You will be required to develop a manuscript and develop proficiency with bookmaking and printing.
A “body” of text is required in your final project.
Your final project must be a “book” of some sort
Your final project does not need to have a significant letterpress element.

The quarter is structured so that skill development, workshops, and demonstrations fill much of your time for the first five weeks. In the second half of the quarter, class time will be opened more to studio work and one-on-one and small group engagement with faculty and peers.


Your Faculty

Gail Tremblay……… Call (360) 943 8727….
Or email tremblag@evergreen.edu

Steven Hendricks…. Call (360) 867 5745…
Or email hendrics@evergreen.edu


detailed schedule is available to download (pdf) on the website

Tuesday (11-1) Lecture / Poetry Workshop Lab2-2223
Tuesday (2-5) Seminar / Poetry Workshop Lab2-2223

Wednesday (11-1) Book: Lecture / Demo /Sem Lab2-2223
Wednesday (2-5) Book: Studio Lab2-0233

Thursday (11-1) Press: Demo Lab2-0233
Thursday (2-5) Press: Studio Lab2-0233