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In the Language Lab or at Home, listen to French radio:

You will see Conprendre l'actualite, look below for Le journal en francais facile, then click on "lire le script" to read along, and finally click on ecouter to hear the news.  This is a great  way to build your listening skills, learn vocabulary and keep up with the news from a French perspective! 

French tv news:

During Winter Quarter:   Your main resource for language acquisition outside of class is the Community Language Lab, Sem II, A3116A.  Using the lab at least one hour per week is REQUIRED.  Hours are Monday-Thursday 12:00-7:00pm; and Friday-Saturday 12:00-5:00pm

Audio for your textbooks is now online!  Click on the URL below to hear audio from Contacts or Controverses:

We have attached Language Acquisition Tips below in a link. Just click to read and/or print.

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