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Winter Quarter

Winter 2009 Schedule 

Monday 9-12

SEM2 A2107

Business workshop

Monday 1-3

COM107 (Recital Hall)


Tuesday 10-12

SEM2 E3107 (Rose), E3109 (Wen)

Chinese Language class

Tuesday 1-4

LH 4 (film/workshop) or CRC 116/117 (Taiji movement)

All-program activity

Wednesday 9-10
COM320 Business Workshop

Wednesday 10-12

COM307 (Rose), 310 (Wen), 320 (David)


Thursday 10-12

SEM2 E3107 (Rose), E3109 (Wen)

Chinese language class

Thursday 1-4

SEM2 D1107

Film/ Workshop/Presentation

Friday 10-12
SEM2 C2107 (Open time slot for Optional Supplementary Business Workshop meetings; David is available to work with you on the StratSimChina at this time and place, by request only).