Daytrippers’ Hanging Canyon Field Notes

The hanging canyon at Dry Falls was the second stop for the Daytrippers

The canyon is about 2/3 mile in length, and about 1/10 mile wide.  The canyon runs west for about 1/4 mile, then south until the mouth opens to the cliff with a 150 ft drop to Deep Lake.  The cliffs of the canyon are about 180 ft tall, with talus slopes leading to the base.

At the northwestern corner of the canyon (at the bend), there was a cave in the cliff where the cliff and the talus slope meet.  From the cave, the entire canyon is visible.  In the gave is a ring of rocks, evidence of human activity in the canyon.  Further evidence that points to human activity includes barbed wire, a cattle skull, hoof prints, and cow patties, all evidence of grazing practices.

Along with the human activity, wild deer and rodents have used this canyon as a place to eat, and possibly take shelter.  We had multiple sightings of deer and rodent feces, as well as deer tracks.

The floor of the canyon is littered with granite eratics.  The floor of he canyon is covered primarily by sagegrass.  Other grasses, including cheatgrass, bunchgrass, bentgrass, and basin wildrye have populated the canyon as well.

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