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Week 8 Reverie

“The weight of evidence now implies that it is the brain, rather than some non-physical stuff, that feels, thinks, and decides. That means that there is no soul to fall in love.”



Heart, Mind, and Soul


Synapsys fire,

and blood boils up

through my vains,

upward, and outward

from my heart on out to

that grey mass within my cranium.


Yes the grey-mass which

fits snug with in my Cranium,

(causing so much fuss and what not up there)

that is the only reason that I could

ever have truly loved you.



you with the brow ridge,

you with the lederhosen lineage,

you who thought it was wise

to put a crow in my bathroom.

why my mind saw it fit?


maybe it’s because there are

no souls now.


A soul might have,


explained the ignorance of the brain

to realize when it has been had,

maybe my figurative soul would

have been the blame, for such

a lame brain, but




Now there is research as to why!

my love for such a dullard

could now be blamed on many aspects of my brain

from the perception of pheromones

(I’m not known for my keen nose)

or from faulty wiring upstairs

(I told the cable man to fix that,

does he listen?



So there you see,

that was why,

All faulty circuitry

(and perhaps a head-cold on top of that)

was to blame for love,

and you with your silly

notion of “soul mates”

Hah! there is no soul,

only grey matter,


and self-awareness,

though sometimes

the grey one

is not wise,

and makes me do

some stupid things.


At least I do not have a soul,

so one thing you said in the end

was probably the most intelligent

that you ever said.

Nuro Reverie #2

The anatomists and pathologists wage an interdisciplinary battle,
Their argument: Nuropsycology.
Integrated studies,
a brain surgery into Vogts, Lenin, Forel, and Ferdinand.
The analysis; positive eugenics.

The Vogts!
The Vogts themselves turned,
successor of the institute:
and murder
of habitual “criminal”
the feeble minded,
and the mentally ill.


I wish to be free
unconfined by the limitations set before me,
Imposed upon me.

I am no romantic, but my heart
bleeds all the same, and the multitude
of grievous thoughts that circle
round this head of mine
would make hades blush.

I’m only a “product of my time”
like I’m some “limited edition”
peice of mass produced bull-shit
rather then that of a human being.

The flavor of such notation,
the countless labels:
Feeble minded,
the list,
the list goes on!
and still “mad”
am I, the one who
takes on the labels
the one who deals with
the stigmata,
I am the crazy one?

Neuro reverie #1

Human beings dance for this
History with others
Human contact does not just
establish the conditions for
the social and human sciences.

Across the “two Cultures”
We are governed or govern ourselves

We live in groups
Weather in love or by hate,
is it as one might say,
in our nature.
For the human sciences,
we are not born
like that of our primate ancestors

The forms that it takes,
this social brain
bridging left and right hemisphere,

So Popular.