III. Mary Hillaire Misc.

A. Telephone conversations


B. Social gatherings

C. Workshops/Conferences/Organizations

1. JOM

2. Tacoma Indian Center

3. Union University

4. NW Affliated Tribes Conference

5. National Congress of American Indians


1. Miscellaneous (IIIA)side1. internship for Carol Hart @ Grays Harbot College. 8-31-73. side2. blank.

2. Miscellaneous (IIIA)side1. student presenting photos or slides about his time in Europe and Canary Islands. side2. blank

3. Miscellaneous (IIIA)side1. recording of a (show?) about Indian Rights/ Indian Act. Loss of status due to marriage. Double standard of women losing status due to marrying a white. political survival education. side2. conversation concerning external credit between Mary Hillaire and Mary McCullen (oral history)

4. Miscellaneous (IIIA)side1. discussion w/Mary; concept of learning. side2 cont.

5. Miscellaneous (IIIA)side1. telephone conversation about senate checks. side2. Radio interview w/Dan Evans.

6. Miscellaneous (IIIA)side1. telephone conversation. Hillaire and (?) concerning three CEDA internships. side 2. blank

7. Miscellaneous (IIIA)side1. telehone conversation; woman reading-"declaration of Indian Education Policy" by state superintendant of public education,side 2. blank

8. Miscellaneous (IIIA)side1. mtg. w/ Yakima Indians discussing Native American Studies Program. side2. cont.

9. Miscellaneous (IIIA)side1. mtg. w/ Hillaire; subject Education. side2. cont.

10. Miscellaneous (IIIB)side1. social gathering; song,dance,celebration. side2. blank

11. Miscellaneous (IIIA)side1. phone conversation w/ students about summerwork. side2.  (IIA)NAS. planning studies; conceptual overview.

12.Miscellaneous (IIIA)side 1. Hazel translating words. side 2. blank.

13.Miscellaneous (IIIA)side1. interview w/ ann? about methods of teaching, expulsions, counselors. side 2 blank.

14. Miscellaneous (IIIC)side1. Mtg. Indian Education Bill. Tribal regional conferences. How to be heard by government. The churches ear and role in education and registration. side2. blank.

15. Miscellaneous (IIIC)side1. National Congress of the American Indian Banquet (Noisy)side 2. blank.

16.Miscellaneous (IIIC)side1.Meeting with Airsteamers at St. Martins College Aug 7 1973. Speech by Mary. Indian Art slide show."Indian Art in search of Indians". 1)starts with military control. 2)treaties= reservations.3)Guns.4)Geronimo.5)Church.6)Catholic ladder.7)Domestic Indian.8)Dayschool on res.9)Boarding schools.10)Lummi costume/portraitof Frank Hillaire.11)Dance.12)Ceremonialmask.13)Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hillaire. Totem pole by Joseph.14)Another carving. foot of Mt Baker.

17. Miscellaneous (IIIB)Miss NCAI/Music and dancing. side1.contestants announced. Patricia Bird and father Henry Bird. Sound recording of music and dancing.

18. Miscellaneous (IIIA)side1. conversation between two men about inequality.

19: Miscellaneous (IIIA) side 1 (labeled side): (first conversation):Mary discusses her NAS program with a man, seemingly an admistrator from another educational institution. Mary is trying to get his help in a plan of hers, but he's not very helpful. (second converation): Mary talks with and advises a woman (seemingly a collegue) about the work this woman is doing within the educational system. (third conversation): Mary talks with her relative (either Joe or John) about the counseling training program he's in. Side 2 (unlabeled side): conclusion of third conversation. Tape itself labeled 8/30/79, case labeled 7/26/76. Date on case seems more likely only for the third conversation, other two unknown.

20: Miscellaneous (IIID) side 1: Mary reads the instructions for her "Basic Course in Interpersonal Relation," a five part course. side 2: cont., as well as Mary reading the beginning of a children's story about tolerance.

21: Miscellaneous Tape (IIIA) side 1: Telephone conversations. The first is between Mary and a father, discussing the academic work of his daughter. The second is between Mary and a collegue, discussing the administration's reaction to controversial comments made in a meeting. side 2: blank.

22: Miscellaneous Tape (IIID) side 1: Mary meets with a social worker and other concerning the removal of Indian children from their parents. side 2: blank.

23: Miscellaneous Tape (IIIC) side 1: Mary meets with Lloyd Colfax at Neah Bay to discuss Indian education, both at Neah bay and Evergreen. August 9th, 1973. side 2: cont.