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Faculty: Sid White Archive: 1925-2007,
Member of the Faculty 1970-1990

Series: Personal Papers (link to NWDA Guide to the Sid White Papers)

Sid’s family – wife Pat Matheny-White, son Steven Finnegan White, daughter Sally Cooper Tang, daughter Lucy Webster White, and nephew John White – are pleased to donate the Sid White Archive to The Evergreen State College Library Archives. This Archive includes not only Sid’s 60-volume Evergreen Professional Archive from his career while at Evergreen; but also his personal, professional, and artistic archive from his high school days forward. These combined archives provide a centrally located record of the development of his ideas and creativity throughout his life, documenting his adventures in “thinking on paper and in various media.” There are seeds of ideas from his study of graphic design in high school that came into fruition later, as he designed publications and exhibits, and taught presentation design in many media. After serving in India during World War II, Sid contracted tuberculosis; his arguments with the deacon in the Sanatorium during his recovery led to his getting a graduate degree in philosophy. There are many examples of this phenomenon of the germination of ideas, as Sid fully recognized while designing and writing his memoir, Formative Years: Reflecting on Life-shaping Events and Episodes In My Life. This memoir will be added to the Sid White Archive. We know Sid would have been pleased to have the complete documentation of his life available in Evergreen’s centrally located Archives. He had fully developed his Evergreen Professional Archive and organized the materials in his other archives in a similar way.

– Pat Matheny-White

We feel honored to join Pat in donating this archive to Evergreen. Our father’s years at TESC and with Exhibit Touring Services were the culmination of a full life of discovery, travel and personal transformation. Along with our mother Molly White, we shared in the adventures of the Eugene, Pavia and Corvallis years that are included in this archive. Even before his arrival in Olympia in 1970, Sid White was the pathfinder, thinker, taskmaster and dreamer whom we were privileged to call Dad. Pat’s careful custody and unstinting efforts in organizing this portion of the archive are a wonderful testament of her love and collaboration.

– Steve White, Lucy White and Sally Tang

What follows are a listing of the volumes included in the Sid White Archive: 1925-2007 and summaries of the contents of each volume, highlighting the material in each volume.

Introduction (PDF)


Records Group : Pre-Evergreen State College Personal Papers (PDF)

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Subgroup: Art 1941-2008

Records Group : The Evergreen State College Years: Professional Pursuits: 1970-2007 (PDF)

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SubGroup : Peoples of Washington (see Special Collections Accession 2009-04)

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