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Clyde Barlow - Chemistry
Dharshi Bopegedera - Chemistry
Andrew Brabban - Biology
John Aikin Cushing - Computer Science
Judy Bayard Cushing - Computer Science
Jeffrey J. Kelly - Chemistry
Robert H. Knapp, Jr. - Physics
Elizabeth M. Kutter - Biology
Albert C. Leisenring - Mathematics
Stuart Matz - Biology
David McAvity - Mathematics
Donald V. Middendorf - Physics
Donald Morisato - Biology
Frank Motley - Library
Nancy Murray - Biology
James Neitzel - Chemistry
Neal Nelson - Computer Science
Janet Ott - Biology
David W. Paulsen - Cognitive Science
Paula Schofield - Chemistry
Sheryl Shulman - Computer Science
James Stroh - Geology
Rebecca Sunderman - Chemistry
Brian Walter - Mathematics
E. J. Zita - Physics

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