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Advanced Research in Environmental Studies
African-American Literature, 1773 to the Present
Algebra to Algorithms: An Introduction to Mathematics for Science and Computing
American Experiences, American Dreams
American Literature: The Presence of Place
Analyzing the World
Animal Behavior
The Art of the Book: History, Form & Content
Art, Media, Praxis
The Arts of the Sailor
Atlanta, 2007: Social Forums and Social Movements


Blacks, Catholics and Jews: Their American Experiences


Common Knowledge: Information Technology and Human Understanding
Community Design and Community Action
Computability: The Scope and Limitations of Formal Systems
Computer Science Foundations
Creating a Conceptual Framework for Images: Strategies for Using Photographic and Digital Processes in Art Installation
Culture and the Public Sphere: Studies in Media, Art, Law and Literature


Data to Information
Dialogues with Shakespear's Women


Ecosystem Dynamics and Conservation: If a Tree Falls in the Forest . . .
Energy Matters
Environmental Analysis: Chemistry and Geology of Aqueous Systems
Environmental Conflicts
The Extraordinary Science of Everyday Experience: A Day in the Life


Family and Home Futurism: Inquiry through Literature and Fine Arts
Feminisms: Local to Global
Fiber Arts
Fire and Water: The Role of the Sun and the Ocean in Global Climate Change
Flat Art: Two-Dimensional Art Intensive
Forensics and Criminal Behavior
Forest Ecology and Forest Management in the Pacific Northwest: From Genes to Global Warming
Foundations of Performing Arts: The "Me" and the "Mob"
Foundations of Visual Art
Foundations of Visual Art: Sculpture
Four Philosophers
The Fungal Kingdom: Lichens and Mushrooms, Nature's Recyclers


Gender and Media
Greece and Italy: An Artistic and Literary Odyssey


Health and Human Development
Health and Social Policy: How to Make Meaningful Change
Heritage: Self-Identity and Ties to the Land
History and Philosophy of Biology: Life and Consciousness


Images of Women: Changes in Japanese Literature
India: Politics of Dance; Dance of Politics
Indigenous American Women: Leadership, Community and the Power of Voice
Industrial Biology and Chemistry
Innovations in Environmental Policy
Innovation and Leadership in American Business: Beyond Business as Usual
International Policy and Business: Latin America
Introduction to Environmental Studies: Water, Energy and Forest Ecosystems
Introduction to Natural Science


Japanese Film: Works of Mizoguchi, Ozu and Kurosawa


Languages of the Tragic from the Greeks to the Present
Living an Intentional Life
Looking Backward: America in the 20th Century


Making a Difference: Doing Social Change
Making American Selves: Individual and Group Development
Marine Life: Marine Organisms and Their Environments
Maritime Communities, Then and Now
Math in the History of Science
Memory of Fire: Spain and Latin America
Methods of Applied Mathematics
Mind and the World
Molecule to Organism
Motion: Physics and Philosophy
Multicultural Counseling
Music Composition for the 21st Century


The Nature of Natural History
Nuisance to Negligence




Physical Systems
Pillars of Fire: Jewish Contributions to World Culture
People’s Geography of American Empire
Political and Cultural Exchange in the Eastern Mediterranean Landscape: From Bosphorus to Suez
Political Ecology of Land
Political Economy and Social Movements: Race, Gender and Class
Postmodernity and Postmodernism: Barth, Pynchon, DeLillo, Murakami and World Cinema
Power in American Society
The Practice of Sustainable Agriculture
Prolegomena to a Future Poetics
Protected Areas
Puppetry and Poetics: Arts of Distraction


Race in the United States: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives
Restoring Landscapes
Russia and Eurasia: Empires and Enduring Legacies


Science Seminar
Searching for Modern China
Self and Culture: Studies in Japanese and American Literature and Cinema
Senior Thesis/Student Originated Studies: Humanities
The Shadow of the Enlightenment: Questions of Identity in Contemporary France
Sign, Symbol, Symptom: The Politics of Meaning
So You Want to Be a Psychologist
Some Great Moderns
Student Originated Studies: American Studies and Humanities
Student Originated Studies: Environmental Studies
Student Originated Studies: Media
Student Originated Studies: Tacoma
Student Originated Studies: Performance, Theater, Dance and Technical Theater
Student Originated Studies: Topics in Political Economy, Globalization, Contemporary India and U.S. History
Sustainable Design: Materials
Sustainable Futures: Moving Into the Post- Petroleum Age


Tradition and Transformation
Tribal: Reservation-Based/Community- Determined
Turning Eastward: Explorations in East/West Psychology


Undergraduate Research in Scientific Inquiry
Understanding Species
The United States Since the Great Depression: From Prosperity to Austerity
U.S. Foreign Policy Before and After 9/11: Terrorism and the New American Empire
U.S. Foreign Policy Since Woodrow Wilson: Before and After 9/1


Visualizing Ecology


With Liberty Justice for Whom?
Women’s Studies: Native American Women in the 20th Century
Women's Voices and Images of Women: Studies in Literature and Cinema
Working Small
Working the Waters: Maritime Labor History
Writing on the Wild Side


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