2010-11 Catalog

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Offering Description

Arabic, Beginning I

Fall quarter

Faculty: Joe Fahoum

Fields of Study: language studies

Fall: CRN (Credit) Level 10088 (4)  Students may register for this course after their time ticket opens during regular registration.

Credits: 4(F)

Class Standing: Freshmen - Senior

Offered During: Evening


In this first course of a year-long sequence, students will learn the Arabic alphabet and to read and write in modern standard and classical Arabic, the language spoken in all of the 22 Arab states and all Islamic countries (all Muslims are instructed to pray in Arabic). By the end of the year, students will be able to speak at a novice level. Students will also learn some short poems and stories, as well as Arabic culture and some conversational Arabic.

Maximum Enrollment: 28

Advertised Schedule: 5:30-7:30p Mon/Wed

Campus Location: Olympia

Online Learning: No Required Online Learning

Books: www.tescbookstore.com