2010-11 Catalog

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Offering Description

Chemistry for Everyone

Winter quarter

Faculty: Peter Pessiki chemistry

Fields of Study: chemistry

Winter: CRN (Credit) Level 20130 (2)  

Credits: 2(W)

Class Standing: Freshmen - Senior

Offered During: Evening


Through a series of learning experiences, this course will relate chemistry to everyday life in a manner suited for those with no science background. Learning experiences will focus on the states of matter, ionic bonding, and energy. Each learning experience will consist of lectures, workshops, presentations, labs, and discussions. All students will be given the opportunity to make physical measurements, handle chemicals and glassware, perform chemical reactions, and learn how to put a calculator to use.

Maximum Enrollment: 24

Advertised Schedule: 6-10p Mon (Jan. 3, 10, 24, Feb. 7, 28)

Campus Location: Olympia

Online Learning: No Required Online Learning

Books: www.tescbookstore.com