2010-11 Catalog

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Offering Description

Multicultural Counseling: An Innovative Model

Fall, Winter and Spring quarters

Faculty: Heesoon Jun psychology

Fields of Study: communications, consciousness studies, cultural studies, gender and women's studies, health and psychology

Fall: CRN (Credit) Level 10007 (16) Sr  Signature Required Applications will be available by April 7, 2010. For applications and/or more information, please visit Heesoon Jun's faculty web page. For more information, contact Heesoon Jun at junh@evergreen.edu. Applications received by the Academic Fair, May 12, 2010, will be given priority. Qualified students will be accepted until the program fills.  

Winter: Enrollment Closed  CRN (Credit) Level 20007 (16) Sr  

Spring: Enrollment Closed  CRN (Credit) Level 30007 (16) Sr; 30451 (1-16) Sr  

Credits: 16(F); 16(W); 16(S)

Class Standing: Senior ONLYSenior Only

Offered During: Day

Prerequisites: (1) At least one quarter of college study in programs covering general principles in critical reasoning skills and quantitative reasoning evidenced by faculty evaluations, and (2) college level writing and reading proficiency evidenced by faculty evaluations.


This program will allow students to examine the efficacy of existing psychological counseling paradigms and techniques for a diverse population. One of the program goals will be to increase the students' multicultural counseling competency through transformative, non-hierarchical and non-dichotomous approaches to learning. We will use a wide range of instructional strategies, such as lectures, workshops, films, seminars, role-playing, group discussions, videotaping, field trips, guest lectures and internship case studies.

During fall quarter, students will learn at least seven personality theories and counseling skills based on these theories. In winter quarter, students will learn to incorporate scientific inquiry into clinical inquiry and will learn abnormal psychology and its effectiveness with multicultural populations. In spring quarter, students will learn ethics in helping professions. Consciousness studies, psychological research interpretation, studies in internalized oppression/privilege and systematic oppression/privilege, multicultural counseling theories and practice, and social justice and equity will be emphasized throughout the year.

In both winter and spring quarters, students will be required to complete internships of 10 hours per week in local counseling/mental health settings, providing opportunities to apply their classroom learning in a practical setting.

Maximum Enrollment: 25

Required Fees: Winter $90 for registration to the National Multicultural Conference and Summit.

Special Expenses: Possible expenses for field trips and internship commute.

Internship Required: Winter/Spring: 10 hours per week internship required in both quarters.

May be offered again in: 2011-12

Preparatory for studies or careers in: allopathic and complementary medince, ethics in the helping professions,multicultural counseling theory and skill building,  personality theories, psychological counseling, psychological research interpretation, psychology (abnormal, clinical, developmental), studies of oppression and power, social work, and school counselling.

Campus Location: Olympia

Online Learning: Enhanced Online Learning

Books: www.tescbookstore.com