2010-11 Catalog

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Offering Description

Organizational Justice, Law, and Human Resource Management

Summer quarter

Faculty: Natividad Valdez

Fields of Study: business and management

Summer: CRN (Credit) Level 40093 (8) Second Session  

Credits: 8(Su)

Class Standing: Freshmen - Senior

Offered During: Weekend


This program focuses on an organizational model that incorporates organizational justice, ethics, and business and employment law as the foundation of its human resource management framework.  This course challenges students to consider the organizational impact of injustices that may take place in any of the HR administrative processes (i.e., selection, hiring, pay and compensation, training and development, promotions, benefits, etc.) and to analyze the impact on employees and the organization’s financial viability and reputation. 

Maximum Enrollment: 25

Advertised Schedule: 9a-5p Sat/Sun (Jul. 30-31, Aug. 20-21, 27-28)

Preparatory for studies or careers in: business management, leadership

Campus Location: Olympia

Online Learning: No Required Online Learning

Books: www.tescbookstore.com

Program Revisions

Date Revision
June 28th, 2011 This program has been changed to have only one faculty rather than being team-taught.