2010-11 Catalog

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Temporal Images


Fall and Winter quarters

Faculty: Matt Hamon photography, visual arts, Naima Lowe media arts, media and film, experimental media, Joseph Tougas philosophy

Fields of Study: aesthetics, art history, media studies, moving image, philosophy and visual arts


Winter: Enrollment Closed  

Credits: 16(F); 16(W)

Class Standing: Freshmen ONLYFreshmen Only; 100% of the seats are reserved for freshmenFreshmen - Freshmen

Offered During: Day


This visual art program introduces students to academic enquiry into concepts of time and artistic practices with a myriad of references to temporal space. We will investigate the many ways time is defined, tracked and represented across cultures. From physics to natural philosophy, we will explore references to time from narrative structures to technical communication and abstract images. We will look at the work of realist scholars such as Sir Issac Newton and contrast these concepts to ideas posed by Immanuel Kant and others.

Themes emerging in the program will inform the production of written and artistic work. Class time will involve a combination of lectures, workshops, practical assignments, and studio seminars. Students with a strong background in any digital media are encouraged to apply, provided that they have an interest in synthesizing past themes and media in their work with academic enquiry into concepts of time. This program emphasizes art making, conceptual thinking and experimentation. We will focus on core aspects of analog, digital and new media art by challenging ourselves to produce a series of innovative art projects.

This program will introduce the core conceptual skills necessary to employ image in the generative and investigative context of art making and scholarly enquiry. Students will work individually and in small teams with digital cameras, digital video cameras, non-linear video editing systems and computer graphics packages to examine a broad range of issues involved in the creation of provocative works of art and images relating to time. Image processing, web content creation, basic animation, temporal structures, interface design, interaction strategy, narrative structures, video editing and sound editing will all be introduced. This program is designed for students who already have a strong work ethic and self-discipline, and who are willing to work long hours in the art studio, on campus, and in company with their fellow students.

Students are invited to join this learning community of contemporary artists who are interested in new media based art, design, writing, history and theory, and who want to collaborate with media faculty.

Maximum Enrollment: 46

Preparatory for studies or careers in: media studies, moving image, visual arts and arts education.

Campus Location: Olympia

Books: www.tescbookstore.com

Program Revisions

Date Revision
April 14th, 2010 This program has been cancelled.