2010-11 Catalog

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Offering Description

Writing from the Wild

Spring quarter

Faculty: Nancy Parkes creative writing, sustainability, public policy, Rebecca Chamberlain literature, writing, yoga

Fields of Study: communications, literature, sustainability studies and writing

Spring: CRN (Credit) Level 30287 (8)  

Credits: 8(S)

Class Standing: Freshmen - Senior

Offered During: Evening and Weekend


How do we cultivate a practice of writing and a way of life that draws from authentic experience energized by wildness and rootedness to place? Through a stimulating program of writing, walking, hiking, nature observation, reading, research, and basic natural history, we will cultivate our power as writers and artists to awaken our sense of the wild. We will examine how to develop 'voice' in writing by reconnecting with the natural world and engaging with powerful places. Participants will have a choice to write in several genres, including but not limited to memoir/personal essay, creative non-fiction, poetry, fiction, and performance-based writing. They will keep a program journal, write and revise a series of short works, and build upon their understanding of environmental education and sustainability. We will participate in a variety of creative writing workshops that expose students to different genres. Two weekend intensives/fieldtrips will allow us to retreat from the technological world and connect to our embodied creative natures. Students can elect to hike in groups paced at their level.  Students should have at least one work that they submit for e-publication and presentation at the end of the program.

Maximum Enrollment: 50

Advertised Schedule: 6-9:30p Wed and two weekend field studies and writing intenstives (Apr. 16-17, May 21-22)

Off Campus Location: Field studies on April 16 or 17 will involve a hike in the Olympics. Field studies on May 21 or 22 will involve a hike on Mt. Rainier. For both intensive weekends, students should expect to be involved in hiking or on campus from early morning through 8 p.m. Details on first night of program.

Required Fees: $30, tickets to Alice Walker, drum making workshop, cedar bark rope workshop

Special Expenses: $50 for hiking gear, food for retreats, writing materials.

Preparatory for studies or careers in: communications, writing and literature, environmental policy, education

Campus Location: Olympia

Online Learning: Enhanced Online Learning

Books: www.tescbookstore.com