2010-11 Catalog

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Registration and Academic Regulations

New and Continuing Student Enrollment Process

Each quarter, prior to the Academic Fair, registration information for the upcoming quarter is available on the Web at my.evergreen.edu. You are responsible for looking up your time ticket to register, researching the curriculum information and registering. New students will be asked to participate in an academic advising session. Registration priority is based on class standing. Early registration may increase your chances of getting into the program of your choice. Late registration begins the first week of the quarter and requires a faculty signature. Late fees begin the second week of the quarter for all transactions. Some programs require a faculty interview or audition for entry. For those programs, you will need to obtain faculty approval in the form of an override in order to register online. You may be required to specify the number of credit hours you are registering for in a term.

Individual Learning Contracts, internships and credit exceptions are processed in the Office of Registration and Records.

Changes in enrollment or credits must be done in the Office of Registration and Records and may result in a reassessment of tuition, fees and eligibility for financial aid. Special registration periods are held for those enrolling as non-degree-seeking special students. These special registration periods, which usually follow the registration period for continuing students, are announced in publications distributed on and off campus.

College Email Policy

All students, including both admitted and “special” (non-admitted) students, will be given an Evergreen email account upon admission (or registration for “special” students.) This email account will be a primary mechanism for official college communications to students, including registration and student account information, announcements of official college policies and general announcements and information. As part of their responsibility to work with the college to manage their business and enrollment issues, students are expected to check their college email account on a regular basis.

Changes in Personal Information

It is vital to maintain current information that affects your student records with the Office of Registration and Records. Any change(s) affecting your student record requires acceptable documentation before a change in records can be made. Students can update address information at any time using their MyEvergreen account. See also Billing and Payment Procedures, page 87.

To Add, Change, or Drop a Program

If you want to add, change or drop your program or courses, you should complete your change of registration by the 10th day of the quarter. During or after the second week of the quarter, you must petition to change a program or course (as opposed to changing your credits or dropping).

Reducing credits or dropping a program must be completed by the 30th calendar day of the quarter. It is essential to complete any changes as soon as possible. (See Refunds/Appeals, page 87.)


You may withdraw any time up to the 30th calendar day of the quarter, but you must inform the Office of Registration and Records. (See Refunds/Appeals, page 87.)

Leave of Absence

If you have been regularly admitted and completed at least one quarter, you are eligible for a leave of absence of no more than one year. If you are not enrolled in a program or contract by the enrollment deadline, you are considered to be on leave (for up to one year).

Veteran Students

The Evergreen State College’s programs of study are approved by the Washington State Higher Education Coordinating Board’s State Approving Agency (HECB/SAA) for enrollment of persons eligible to receive educational benefits under Title 38 and Title 10 USC.

Academic Credit

General Policies

You receive academic credit for meeting your program requirements. Credit, expressed in quarter hours, will be entered on the permanent academic record only if you fulfill these academic obligations. Evergreen will not accept credit twice for the same course work.

Credit Limit

Students may register for a maximum of 20 credits during any given quarter, and a minimum of 2. A full-time load is considered to be 12 to 16 credits, although well-prepared students may register for an overload up to 20 credits. Students registering for more than 16 credits must follow college policy and complete their registration by the Friday of the first week of the quarter. Additional tuition charges may apply.

Academic programs, independent study contracts and internships will be offered for a maximum of 16 credits each quarter. Students concurrently pursuing coursework at another college may register for a combined maximum of 20 credits. Credits earned beyond this limit will not be accepted.

Registration is prioritized by the number of credits earned, giving seniors first choice, and is organized as follows:

  • Freshmen 0–44 credits
  • Sophomores 45–89 credits
  • Juniors 90–134 credits
  • Seniors 135 or more credits

Record Keeping


Transcripts are the records of your academic achievement at Evergreen, and are maintained by the Office of Registration and Records. Your transcript will list all work done for credit, the official description of the program or contract, faculty evaluations and, when required, your self-evaluations.

If you decide to write a summative self-evaluation—up to one quarter after graduation—the specific form must be turned in to Registration and Records to be included. (See Expectations of an Evergreen Graduate, page 97.)

Credit and evaluations are reported only at the end of a program or contract, unless you go on a leave of absence, withdraw or change programs. When you receive a copy of an evaluation from the Office of Registration and Records, and if you need your faculty to further revise your evaluation, you have 30 calendar days or until you request your transcript to be sent out, whichever comes first.

Your self-evaluation cannot be removed or revised once it has been received in the Office of Registration and Records. Pay close attention to spelling, typographical errors, appearance and content before you turn it in.

When a transcript is requested in writing, the entire body of information is mailed. Graduate students who attended Evergreen as undergraduates may request transcripts of only their graduate work. Please allow two weeks for processing between the time you make your written request and pay the required fee, and the time your transcript is mailed. The transcript request form and current fees are available at www.evergreen.edu/registration.

Evergreen reserves the right to withhold transcripts from students who are in debt to the institution.

Confidentiality of records

The federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) gives students certain rights regarding their education records. You have the right to:

  • Inspect and review your educational records within a reasonable time period
  • Request an amendment to education records you believe are inaccurate or misleading
  • Consent to disclosures of personally identifiable information contained in your records, except to the extent that FERPA authorizes disclosure without consent
  • File a complaint with the U. S. Department of Education concerning alleged failures to comply with the requirements of FERPA

You must contact the Office of Registration and Records in person or by telephone if you want your records kept confidential. These records include your name, address, telephone number and student status.

Questions concerning your rights under FERPA should be directed to the Office of

Academic Standing Policy

The academic standing of each Evergreen student is carefully monitored to ensure the full development of his or her academic potential. Any student not making satisfactory academic progress, as defined below, is informed of her or his standing and is advised accordingly.

Formal faculty evaluation of student achievement occurs at the conclusion of programs, contracts, courses and internships. In addition, any student in danger of receiving less than full credit at mid-quarter is so notified in writing by his or her faculty or sponsor. A student making unsatisfactory academic progress will receive an academic warning and may be required to take a leave of absence.

1. Academic warning.

A student who earns less than three-fourths of the number of registered credits in two successive quarters or cumulative credit for multiple term enrollment, will receive an academic warning issued from the Office of Enrollment Services. A student registered for six credits or more who receives no credit in any quarter will receive an academic warning. These warnings urge the student to seek academic advice or personal counseling from a member of the faculty or through appropriate offices in Student Affairs. A student will be removed from academic warning status upon receiving at least three-fourths of the credit for which he or she is registered in two successive quarters.

2. Required leave of absence.

A student who has received an academic warning, and while in warning status received either an incomplete or less than three-fourths of the credit for which she or he is registered, will be required to take a leave of absence, normally for one full year.

A waiver of required leave can be granted only by the academic dean responsible for academic standing upon the student’s presentation of evidence of extenuating circumstances. A student returning from required leave will re-enter on academic warning and be expected to make satisfactory progress toward a bachelor’s degree. Failure to earn at least three-fourths credit at the first evaluation period will result in dismissal from Evergreen.

Dismissal and Readmission

A student who is dismissed from the college for academic reasons will not be allowed to register for any academic program or course at the college during any subsequent quarter. A student who has been dismissed may only be readmitted to the college by successfully petitioning the academic deans. The petition must convince the deans that there are compelling reasons to believe that the conditions that previously prevented the student from making satisfactory academic progress at Evergreen have changed.

Graduation Requirements

  • The minimum requirement for the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science is 180 credits.
  • If you transfer credit from another college, you must earn at least 45 of your last 90 credits while enrolled at Evergreen to be eligible for an Evergreen degree. Credits for Prior Learning from Experience documents or CLEP tests do not satisfy the 45-credit requirement.
  • If you have a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution (including Evergreen) and wish to earn a second bachelor’s degree, you must earn at least 45 additional credits as an enrolled Evergreen student.
  • The Bachelor of Science degree requirement also includes 72 credits in mathematics, natural science or computer science, of which 48 credits must be in advanced subjects.
  • Concurrent awards of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees require at least 225 credits, including 90 at Evergreen, and application at least one year in advance.
  • To graduate, you must submit an application form to the Office of Registration and Records at least one quarter in advance of your anticipated graduation date. For specific information regarding graduation requirements for MPA, MES and MIT programs, please refer to the appropriate catalog.

For more information about academic regulations, call (360) 867-6180.

Enrollment Status

Full time  Part time
Undergraduate students 12–20 credits   11 credits or fewer
Graduate students 10–12 credits   9 credits or fewer

(For graduate students’ financial aid purposes, 8 credits are considered full time, 7, part time.)