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Environmental Health: Science, Policy and Social Justice


Fall 2011 quarter

Cheri Lucas-Jennings law and public policy, environmental law
Fields of Study
American studies, Native American studies, agriculture, community studies, cultural studies, ecology, economics, environmental studies, government, health, hydrology, law and government policy, law and public policy, natural history, philosophy and sustainability studies
Preparatory for studies or careers in
public policy; communications; political science; planning; public health; law; social welfare; environmental and natural resources

This program will explore the broad conditions that shape environmental health, both for humans and within the ecosystem context. We will be moving across and between questions of science, public policy (from municipal to international) and social justice: examining the workings of non-governmental organizations.  With the use of regularly scheduled lecture, seminar, work shops and field trips, we will dedicate ourselves to bridging the understanding among scientific, policy and social perspectives. The program goals is to examine emerging strategies and solutions for ecological sustainability - from regional, community-based monitoring to UN negotiations.

By means of a small group, quarter-long research project on a topical issue the chemical, biologic and physical risks of modern life will be considered, with an emphasis on industrial pollutants. We will examine models, evidence and debates about the sources, causal connections and impacts of environmental hazards. We will be learning about existing and emergent regulatory science in conjunction with evolving systems of law, regulation and a broad array of community response. This introductory, core program considers problems related to public and environmental health in a broader context of the key frameworks of population/consumption and sustainability. Throughout the program, students will learn from a range of learning approaches: computer-based analysis and collaboration with regional experts, officials and activists.     Program Goal“How do we go about learning about risk -- prioritizing and responding to it? Website: http://acdrupal.evergreen.edu/envirohealth/

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March 16th, 2011 New program added.