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Global Water Issues


Summer 2012 quarter

Paul Pickett water resources engineering
Fields of Study
agriculture, ecology and environmental studies

The United Nations has declared the access to affordable, clean water to be a human right. Yet around the world billions of people cannot exercise this right. In addition people in the developing world often face challenges of drought, floods, and degradation of aquatic ecosystem services. This class explores the challenges of water in developing countries, emerging issues, and potential solutions. Issues to be explored include Integrated Water Resource Management, governance, privatization, gender equality, social justice, climate change, water security, and appropriate technology.

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6-10p Mon/Wed (Jun. 25 - Jul. 25)
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Upper Division Science Credit
It is possible to arrange for work toward the award of two (2) upper-division science credits.
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Program Revisions

Date Revision
June 4th, 2012 This course replaces the Global Water Issues and El Salvador Field Study program.