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CounterACTION: Exploring Racial and Cultural Inequalities in Education


Spring 2013 quarter

Grace Huerta qualitative research methods, policy studies
Fields of Study
cultural studies, education and literature
Preparatory for studies or careers in
multicultural education, cultural studies, language and literature.

As K-12 classrooms continue to reflect the country's increasingly diverse population, what daily actions can we do to collectively challenge racism in our communities, schools and colleges? Can we generate an antiracist theoretical framework that rejects inaccurate notions of human difference, values diverse forms of knowledge, and questions institutional inequalities? In this program, we will pursue answers to these questions by examining, through an understanding of history, antiracist theory and educational research, how we can improve our efforts to support a more equitable school system.

We will begin by analyzing a working definition of racism that frames intentional, as well as unintentional, normalized acts of inequality over time. We will challenge depictions in the literature and the media that promote the essentialization of diverse groups. Through an analysis of case study research, we will also explore the lived experiences of diverse learners whose identities are often impacted by assumptions and disparities found in communities and school settings. In order to deconstruct such assumptions, students will engage in reflective writing, research and media analysis over the course of the program.

In addition, we will investigate specific everyday actions local activists and educators generate to confront inequalities. By using qualitative research methods, such as field experience, participant observation, interviews and document analysis, we will collect and report our findings that document how specific antiracist strategies can be created to both affirm and help students achieve academically within their respective institutional structures.

Lastly, we will demonstrate our understanding of everyday antiracist practices by conducting multimedia presentations that merge theory, field work and practice. Possible themes that may emerge through our own antiracist study may include examining students' funds of knowledge and designing teaching and learning strategies to support intra-group interactions.

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