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Sacred Texts


Winter 2013 quarter

Rebecca Chamberlain literature, writing, yoga
Fields of Study
history, literature and religious studies

This survey of the world’s sacred texts and spiritual traditions will explore their poetic and literary influence, past and present. From creation stories and wisdom traditions to prophetic revelations and teachings about transforming suffering, what impact have sacred texts had on the psyche, imagination, and social or political understanding of peoples, ancient and modern?  How have sacred texts and stories evolved over time? How have they been passed on through oral and literary traditions and through words and images? What is their role in developing culture, identity, and community? How do they frame philosophical, moral, ethical, and spiritual insights? We will explore our topic through a variety of disciplinary lenses including comparative literature, religion, history, mythology, movement, and the arts, as well as through an ecumenical dialogue that affirms both religious and secular perspectives. We will combine academic inquiry and research with poetic insight, artistic production, performance, and contemplative practices such as Tai Ji, yoga, or meditation.

Advertised Schedule
6-9:30p Tue and attendance at a Tai Ji Workshop 6-9p Fri, Feb. 1 and 10a-5p Sat, Feb. 2
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$20 for entrance fees and supplies
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November 8th, 2012 This new offering was added to the curriculum at the beginning of November.