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Student-Originated Studies: Advanced French Language


Fall 2012 quarter

Marianne Bailey foreign languages and literature
Fields of Study
language studies, literature and media studies
Preparatory for studies or careers in
graduate work in Humanities and careers in international relations and business, teaching, and translation.
Adequate French language experience and/or study to work at Advanced/High Intermediate level

This SOS will allow students having completed an Intermediate or second year French course to continue to build their fluency at a High Intermediate or Advanced level.  The SOS participants will determine a time and place for their weekly meetings for conversation, discussion of texts and films, and peer editing of writings in French.  They will meet with their professor once weekly as a group to present their week's work, and to discuss problems in French which have arisen.  Each participant is also expected to develop a personal plan for fluency in consultation with their professor, considering grammatical weaknesses and other problem areas in their French skills which they contract to address through individual work over the quarter.  This SOS exists as a forum in which students can build oral fluency through discussion and conversation, and an increased vocabulary as well as compositional skill, through keeping a journal in French throughout the quarter.

Advertised Schedule
The SOS group will meet with Professor Bailey on Wednesday at 1pm.  they will meet as an independant group at a time the group determines.
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September 11th, 2012 New opportunity added.