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Student-Originated Studies in Literary Arts


Spring 2013 quarter

Steven Hendricks book arts, literature, creative writing
Fields of Study
literature and writing
Program is designed for students with prior study experience in creative writing, literary analysis, or literary theory. Strong reading and writing skills are expected.

For this SOS program, appropriate projects in the literary arts include fiction writing in any prose genre, literary analysis, and researched essays in literary theory. Projects that combine depth in literature with work in other disciplines are welcome. Students should join the program with a project of sufficient scope to warrant a quarter of intensive work. It's preferable that students already have a manuscript underway or a clearly conceived object of study/writing goal. We will spend many hours in peer critique, read a variety of challenging works together, and develop strong writing and discursive practices as a community of writers and thinkers. While much of the program content will be generated by student projects, faculty will expect students to complete a number of assignments related and unrelated to their individual projects as a means of creating a common discourse about literature and to establish a measure of intellectual and creative rigor.

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February 25th, 2013 New opportunity added.