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The Art and Practice of Poetry


Winter 2013 quarter

Rebecca Chamberlain literature, writing, yoga
Fields of Study
literature and writing

How are poems brought to life? How are they crafted? How do poets invoke the senses, emotions, and imagination? How do poems transform individuals, as well as culture and society? This course will explore both traditional and modern poets and poetic forms.  We will tap into word play—images, sounds, patterns, and rhythms—as we write and study poems. Our explorations will include narrative, lyric, and contemporary poetic forms; and we will draw on examples from a variety of cultures, historical time-periods, and traditions.

Activities will be designed for both beginning and advanced students, and will encourage both collaborative and self-motivated learning. We will develop a basic understanding of both theory and practice as we survey the historic, cultural, and artistic context of the poetic tradition. Participants will be involved in a number of workshops and improvisational activities to develop and revise poems and writings, will meet local poets, and will cultivate an understanding of different poets, genres, and traditions.

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6-10p Wed
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$10 for entrance fees and supplies
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November 8th, 2012 This new offering was added to the curriculum at the beginning of November.