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Fall 2012 quarter

Hirsh Diamant visual, expressive and media arts including arts of self cultivation, cultural and Chinese studies, human development, education , Bobbie McIntosh business, management, green marketing
Fields of Study
education and leadership studies

This course is an introduction to Evergreen, an inquiry into the nature of transformation, and an examination of the role of education in society. It is designed for students new to Evergreen who have been in other institutions from community colleges to the military to the workplace. The class will reawaken the joy, adventure, and wonder of learning in a supportive college environment while asking questions about what it means to transform oneself, transform others, and transform institutions. Readings and discussion will range from topics in education through ethical issues such as just war theory to inspiration from both Eastern and Western practices of self-cultivation. Students will learn about human development while identifying their educational goals and creating an academic plan of study. Students will explore strategies for balancing work, family, and educational demands while learning about archetypes of transitions and transformation. Large-group work will be balanced with separate work tailored for specific groups of students including groups of transfer students from community colleges and groups of students who are active duty military, veterans, and military dependents. The course will also introduce students to important Evergreen resources and services that could be essential for student's success.

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1-5p Fri
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April 23rd, 2012 New offering as of April 2012.