Music Faculty

Robert Gottlieb brings to Evergreen his experiences as a professional musician,
a teacher and a researcher. Prior to his entering a teaching career he performed
as a Violist with the San Francisco Symphony and Opera Orchestras and the Zurich Tonhalle Symphony in Switzerland. He has also performed with numerous chamber
music ensembles, has coached opera and conducted both symhony and opera.
In the academic area he has many interests. He studied Theory and Composition with
Paul Hindemith at Yale University, and after that worked in the field extemporaneous ornamentation practices which are applied in the music of Handel and his contemporaries Before coming to Evergreen he taught Theory and Orchestration and was the conductor
of the University Orchestra at the University of California Riverside campus.

In 1967 Professor Gottlieb was awarded a Fulbright grant to teach western music in India. During this year he first developed a serious interest in Indian music and this has continued to absorb his research interests up to the present time. He attributes this largely to the fact that his son Mark learned to play the Indian Tabla drums. In 1971-72 Professor Gottlieb returned to India a second time with
his family. He worked as a research scholar of the American Institute of Indian Studies compiling a survey of Tabla drumming in North India. This work was concerned with the preservation of extemporaneous traditions of performance by means of notation and through recordings. Several publications on this subject will be appearing this year and next:

"North Indian Tabla Drumming" -Published by the Society for Ethnomusicology, Anthology Record & Tape Corp. New York.

"Major Traditions of Tabla Drumming" -Musikantiquariat Musikverlag, Prien, Germany.

Professor Gottlieb's other interests are in World Music as a whole, Photography and Astronomy. His wife Lois, is a practicing architect and has worked as an apprentice with Frank Lloyd Wright. In addition to playing Tabla, his son Mark also plays the Violin. Karen, his daughter, plays the Harp and does Indian dancing.