ADA Compliance Advisory Committee

About this Committee

Role and Functions of the ADA Compliance Advisory Committee

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (Section 504) prohibit discrimination on the basis of disability. These laws direct institutions of higher education to comply with the provisions set forth to ensure that programs, services, activities and facilities are accessible.

In accordance with Title II and Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and applicable state laws, the College will appoint a compliance committee to address campus-wide ADA/Section 504 compliance and accessibility issues on an on-going basis. The Director of Access Services/ADA Coordinator will serve as the committee Chair.

The Committee should include student, staff and faculty representatives, some of whom should be individuals with disabilities. The following positions should be represented: Director of Access Services/ADA Coordinator, a current student, Civil Rights Officer, Environmental Health & Safety Coordinator, Special Assistant for Diversity Affairs, SASS Dean, Budget designee, and representatives from Facilities, Computing and Communications, Residential and Dining Services, Library administration, Human Resources, Faculty representative, and ad hoc members from the campus community as needed. The intent of the ADA Compliance Advisory Committee is to promote a barrier-free environment that facilitates equal opportunities and access for people with disabilities at Evergreen. We work to eliminate physical, programmatic, policy, informational and attitudinal barriers, while supporting Evergreen in meeting its obligations under federal and state statutes. The work of this committee complements the ongoing work of staff and faculty across campus in identifying and addressing compliance and accessibility issues.

The functions of this committee include:

1. Develop appropriate timelines and review college programs, services, activities, policies and facilities regularly for ADA/Section 504 compliance and accessibility.

2. Identify ADA/Section 504 compliance and accessibility issues. Inform appropriate campus personnel and the Vice President of Student Affairs of any issues requiring action. Provide information, support and follow-up as needed to ensure appropriate and timely resolution of issues.

3. Periodically compile a list of campus compliance and accessibility issues. Prioritize the list in order of items most in need of prompt attention. Provide the list to the Vice Presidents for consideration in ongoing budget deliberations and during the biennial operating and capital budget processes.

4. Provide input on proposed building construction and remodeling projects.

5. Support staff and faculty knowledge and awareness of ADA/Section 504 legal requirements and issues in higher education.

6. Serve as an educational resource of best practices for ADA/Section 504 issues for people across a diverse range of abilities.

Other Members

Nicole Ack—Civil Rights Officer

Paul Gallegos—Special Assistant for Diversity Affairs

Robyn Herring—Health & Safety