Community of Self

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Jennifer Kofkin & Tom Link
Fall 1996 - Spring 1997

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Type of Research Goals of Research Ways of Gathering Info Key Points More Points More Good Terms
Descriptive describe - identify aspects of complex systems that are interesting case study retrospective bias
" " observation interjudge & interrater reliability observer effects participant observation
Correlational discover relationships - how are interesting aspects of behavior related surveys random sample retrospective bias
aself-report bias
"third variable problem"
" " longitudinal & cross-sectional attrition test-wise (aka practice effect) cohort effect (vintage)
Experimental explain - causal relationships between events lab, field, naturalistic internal validity blind/double blind mundane & psychological realism
predict examples - SAT & college, violent behavior, selection test
intervene - use knowledge to influence events
Headstart - early education, RET effective

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