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Physics Today online
National Academy Press - great online science publications
Physics Review Letters FOCUS:  a few articles explained for undergrads each week
UMIST physics preprints
XXX=Los Alamos unrefereed e-print archives
American Journal of Physics by the AAPT
Encyclopedia of A&A:  username = evergreen, pw=e@@
High Altitude Observatory (HAO) at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
Harvard/NASA Astrophysics data system (ADS)
Encyclopedia of Astronomy (user = evergreen, pw =astro )
Solar News
Astrophysical Journal (Springer) (U. Chicago)
Ap J web-based peer review system
Space Science News
Peculiar Newsletter (on Ap - Cp stars)
Electronic Science Journals from Energy Science News
Geophysics journals
Annals of Improbable Research (awards the annual IgNoble Prizes)
Energy Research (ER) News online
American Math Society Reviews
"way cool" Global Warming site by IPCC

Southwest Washington Astronomical Society (SWWAS)
APS panel meetings online
  • Fusion research at General Atomic: D III D
  • Fusion news from Division of Plasmas Physics, Nov.99
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison Plasma Physics
  • Los Alamos:  fusion 
  • Pacific Northwest National Lab and the Environmental Molecular Sciences Lab
  • University of Washington-Seattle Plasma Physics
  • Washington State University Physics

    Global Oscillations Network Group = GONG
    Montana State University Solar Physics group
    University of Arizona:  Solar News
    AAS Solar Physics Division
    NRL's Solar Theory and Terrestrial Relationships
    ASP = Astronomical Society of the Pacific
    Astronomical League Messier Binocular Club
    Lake Afton Public Observatory
     MOST (Canada) and MONS (Denmark) proposal
    National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
    Iowa State University Astronomy and Physics and the Whole Earth Telescope
  • Rattlesnake Mountain Observatoryand AASTA

  • University of Washington-Seattle Astronomy and Manastash Ridge Observatory (schedule)
    Los Alamos Stellar Pulsation discussions
    Washington State University Astronomy
  • Hands-On Universe at Lawrence Berkeley Lab
  • Project ASTRO and Astro-Seattle

  • SOHO and sohowww
    Harlow Shapley visiting lecturer program
    University of Washington-Seattle Geophysics


    La Nina and larger weather patterns, from NASA
    Geodynamo by Gary Glatzmaier
    Helicity - Mitch Berger

    Sounds and motions of variable stars, from ISU
    animations of stars by  Guenther
    HAARP and Ionosphere
    Washington Space Grant
    Hipparcos Space Astrometry Mission
  • Helioseismology by Jørgen Christensen-Dalsgaard

  • Heleioseismology by VIRGO
    Milankovitch theory of climate change
    Evergreen's Weather Station


    free pde solver
    Physics Toys and Edmunds Scientific
    Quantum experiments
    Force Concept Inventory
    Kaler's online observatory!
    Celestial Products
    Stargazer Telescopes
    Radio Jove
    Calendar generator and another
    Starry Night planetarium shareware is available at  click on education, then science, then search for Starry Night
    YourSky online Planetarium
    IRAF users manuals
    Astronomical Pocket Diary
    CCD cameras
    Uranometria sky charts
    Abrams Sky Watcher's Diary and Sky Calendar
    UW Seattle astro tools
    The Night Sky in April
    calculate the Sun's angle and position
    HTML equations by Stef
    LATEX help from NASA
    Evaluating web pages
    LaTex on Linux info

    Peer Instruction (PI) and Project Galileo at Harvard
    Physics Applets from Walter Fendt
    Modern physics from UC Boulder
    Interactive Physics Quizzes
    Radiative Transfer lecture notes
    Sun-Earth curricula from Berkeley  and NASA
    NASA primer on solar space environment
    Stellar science curriculum by Stanford
    SOHO explorations:  curricula from NASA
    Portnoy's Puzzles:  one-body fix for lost sub
    Lunar phase workshops by Molnar
    CLEA=Contemporary Laboratory Experience in Astronomy: computer activities you can download
    Discovering the Universe: online supplements to Kaufmann text
    Astronomy online from MCLA
    Fundamentals of Astronomy by Mark Sonntag from Angelo State University
    Gateway to Educational Materials (GEM)
    Earth in the Classroom
    TERCworks:  Earth and space science curricula
    Math Animations for kids


    NSF proposal prep
    NSF deadlines and AST page
    Summer fellowships at PNNL

    Women in Physics
    Minorities in Physics

    NASA Proposer guidelines

    Women in Astronomy
    Minorities in Astronomy

    Evergreen Science and Math students Events and Opportunities

    Chautauqua NSF short courses

    Scientific American Job Search

    Princeton plasma dictionary
    Hubble Constant homepage
    Physical Sciences Resource Center PSRC
    UCLA's Women In Physics site
    Fusion advisory committee interim report, Aug. 99


    Skylights and Star of the week, by Jim Kaler
    Larry Freeman's astronomy and navigation page
    Solar events from Stanford
    space weather from NASA
    Andrea's astronomy links
    Planets about other stars?
    ABC reports from the Jan.1998 AAS meeting: Light bending, Omega, Background radiation...
    Helium Rain on Jupiter
    SAAA favorite astronomy links
    Basic Facts about magnetic fields in space (Michigan)
    Women in Astronomy
    Publishers:  Saunders, Addison Wesley, who
    Exchange email
    loan calculator

    1989 blackout due to CME:

    Union of Concerned Scientists Search for Life in the Universe - a meeting at Berkeley

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