Things You Should Know


Jan 20, 2000

We now have the use of a digital camera. Please contact dao (in class or by email) if you would be willing to have your work displayed on the [currently empty] Gallery page. Thanks to Akiva for the loan.

Interested in more information about the WTO or spending some time working in Nigeria? Thanks to Sam Mason for this info.

Jan 9, 2000:

Everyone should have a look at the Schedule Update Page. All announcements concerning assignment changes and due-dates will be poste there.

Jan 3, 2000:

Winter website is up and running.Many links will lead to nothing until more information becomes available.

Contribute, contribute, contribute. If you want to be on the web team, talk to dao and your name will be put on the account.

All registered students have email accounts. If you don't have email and want it, talk to dao.

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