Where to Go for More...

This is the place to find materials and contacts related to Shelter program topics.

Submissions are encouraged and can be made via emailing a member of the web team. Of course, you can also talk to a web lackey in person, but this will generally be a less reliable method of getting the information to the web page. If you can, please include a short synopsis of the resource, including details such as the area of focus, the date of your information, and resource availability. Each category has an example of what we mean.

The Shelter web team cannot be responsible for the accuracy and content of submitted resources. However, problematic submissions, expired links, and the like, can be referred to dao and they will be removed until an evaluation can be made.


BOOKS (all print materials, author info)

INDIVIDUALS (local people, family business, etc.)

GROUPS (businesses, non-profits, schools etc.)

INTERNSHIPS (jobs, apprenticeships, etc.)

LINKS (sites of interest)


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