Week 5 (Oct.25-Oct.29)

THEME: GENERATING DESIGNS — intervening in a place




• (M) read Machinery of Nature 171-298

• (W) NOTEBOOKS/ PORTFOLIOS DUE for mid-quarter check-in

• (F) read The Timeless Way of Building rough read (see "On Reading This Book," p.vi, full read 1-154

• (F) birdhouse drawings and models

• (M) bird shelter research due

• (W) case study mid-way presentations

• habitat study • (F) case study response papers











check-ins 8.30-10 birdshelter research

check-in–by studio group (and related faculty member)

groups 1,2,4 –8:30

groups 3,5,6 –9:15


workshops 10.30-12 bird shelter faculty fishbowl charette


studio 8.30-11.30

making and shaping: paper hurricane lamp (last session); testing

three birdhouse models

architectonic exercise

NOTEBOOKS/ PORTFOLIOS DUE 8:30 AM (mid-quarter check-in)

whole or sems 8.30-10

workshops 10.30-12

CASE STUDY MID-WAY PRESENTATIONS (all morning) – 10 minute oral reports by each group to lead faculty member, oher students; discussion

no class

Notebooks/Portfolios returned

studio 8.30-11.30

drawing: design drawing — five birdhouse ideas

making and shaping: three birdhouse models

wood shop proficiency?


(fac business 12-1)





whole or sems 1-3

Tim on Machinery of Nature –sex, etc.


check-ins 1-2.30



(fac sem 2.30-4.30)



whole or sems 1-3

seminar on The Timeless Way of Building

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