Schedule (note: readings listed for each week are to be completed by that date)

Date Activities Readings What's due?
Jan. 8 Introductions, study skills workshop, seminar workshop; films.

In-class reading:

"Getting the Floor," by Susan Fiksdal

Jan. 15 Paid and unpaid work; the nature of work; seminar; in-class writing America's Working Women (AWW) to pg. 80; Rethinking the Nature of Work in Reader, Chapters 1&2 in Writing Creative Nonfiction (WCN). 2 written seminar questions
Jan. 22

Early labor organizing in the U.S.; seminar; in-class writing,

Heaven Will Protect the Working Girl

AWW pp. 81-102; 125-131-152-189. In The Ranks of the Breadwinners, in Reader, WCN Chapter 3;poem by Pinsky and speech by Schniederman on web page. 2 written seminar questions
Jan. 29 (Preview day); film With Babies and Banners; Reporting exercise. Workshop on oral history. Oral History articles in Reader; Chapters 2,3, and 4 in Rocking the Boat (RTB); Chapter 7 in WCN;WCN Chapter 3, 2 written seminar questions
Feb. 5 Library workshop; interview workshop; film: The Life and Times of Rosie the Riveter. Guest: Hellen Nelson Chapters 5 & 11 in WCN; pp. 245-284 in AWW; pp. 159-183 in RTB 2 written seminar questions
Feb. 12 Seminar: Between Women; in-class writing Planning for Final Class Event. Guest: Kari Ann Moe from Norway Between Women (all); Chapters 6&8 in WCN Interviews; 2 seminar questions
Feb. 19 Non-Traditional Work; film: Silkwood; read first drafts with peer editors. Guests: Liz Brown from the Newspaper Guild, Wilma Shaw from SPEEA Hard-Hatted Women, pp. 3-15; 55-62; 102-107; 118-121; 156-170; 176-201. Chapters 9&10 in WCN First draft of family history paper; seminar questions
Feb. 26

Field trip, Seatac. Observing and writing about work at the airport.

Vans leave at 9:15 from the drive-up area and return by 4:30.

Glenn and MacDonald essays in Reader, "America and I," and "They Call Me Mummy," from Women Working Peer edits 2 written seminar questions
Mar. 4 Women Organizing Today; seminar; films: We Won't Go Back and This Far By Faith; in-class writing; economics workshop Last 5 articles in Reader and "Finding Their Voice," from Web Readings Final family history paper; 2 seminar questions
Mar. 11

Public program for the campus and community, organized by the class. Potluck, evaluation workshop; all-program evaluation

Note: We'll be in Lecture Hall 1 for the public event and CAB 110 for the potluck and rest of class

"The Only People, "The Butcher," and "I Was Marching," from Women Working, Portfolios

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