Film Production: Start to Finish
Summer 2003

Ever wonder how a film gets made? Want to produce your script but have little or no idea where to start? This class is designed to give students a firm grasp of the steps involved in producing a project from script breakdown to editing. Don't know what that means? Take the class and find out!

The purpose of this class is to provide students with the basic technical skills needed to mount a film or video production, through the production of a student script of 5-10 minutes in length. Students will staff the production in all departments and positions, from Production Assistant (gofer) to Director. Everyone will receive classroom training in all departments, and everyone will have the opportunity to learn.

Certain positions will require a lot of time outside of class, and EVERYONE will be expected to participate in the shoot at the end of week 4. The shoot will consist of at least 3 10 hour days.

Students are encouraged to prepare a 5-10 minute script for the class to produce. For more info on submitting a script, please click on the "Scripts" link to the left.

Thanks for your interest!

--Kevin & Dave



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