Foundations of Computing

Jon Jacky

Reference #: 00252G

8 quarter hours. Credit will be awarded in computer science and technology issues.

Prerequisites: Concepts of Computing or equivalent

Lecture and seminar: Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:30 -- 7:00 pm, Library 1612

Laboratory: Tuesdays and Thursdays 7:30 -- 9:30 pm, ACC lab (L2610 in the Computer Center).

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Foundations of Computing is a three-quarter sequential program intended to give the beginning -- yet strongly motivated -- student a foundation for a computer science specialization. We will cover important computer science areas including theory and practice. In each of these areas students will be exposed to critical topics in a meaningful though non-comprehensive way.

Fall quarter we will begin our study of problem-solving in several contrasting programming languages. Winter quarter we will study systems composed of many programs, including operating systems and networked applications. We will also continue our study of programming languages. Spring quarter we will consider issues that can arise when systems are placed into use: reliability, safety, usability, security, and social and economic effects.

Programming projects will develop technical skills. Readings and seminars will develop presentation skills and critical judgment.

This is a three-quarter sequential program. It is intended that students will begin in Fall term and continue through Winter and Spring terms. Instructor's permission is required to enter the program in Winter or Spring.

This program is intended to complement two other offerings in Part Time Studies, Community Information Systems (Reference #00250G) and Object-Oriented Concepts Using UML and Java (#00328M). The schedule for this program does not conflict with theirs, and the program content does not duplicate theirs. None of these three is a prerequisite for any of the others.

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The requirements, policies, and operating procedures for this course are spelled out in this covenant.

Jon Jacky,