Work and Welfare

The Evergreen State College Part Time Studies
Spring Quarter, 2001, 4 quarter hours credit

Tuesdays, 6-10 p.m. L3500
Sarah Ryan, faculty L2108 (360) 867-6720,

This course will take a look at the connections between welfare and work. Are welfare and "workfare" policies designed as a springboard out of poverty, or are they, as some charge, a way of "regulating the poor"? We'll look at current controversies around welfare, workfare, and poverty through the lenses of history and sociology. What are the relationships between class, race, gender and poverty? What impacts have welfare and public work programs had in the past? How have labor and welfare rights activists organized to influence policy? What lessons can we learn from the past and from community members with experience on all sides of this issue? How would we design public programs if the choices were ours?

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