The Ecology of Hope

Core 2001-02

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Rita Pougiales, (Anthropology) Coordinator, Office: LABII 3268, x6387
John Bullock, (Chemistry), LABI , 1015, x6240
Matt Smith, (Political Science), LAB II, 3259, x6459,


Spring Schedule:
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00 Study/Research  Study/Research 

Faculty Seminar

All Program Presentation (LH4) Workshop & Guest Lectures  
10:00 Seminar
11:00 Seminar
12:00    Tea
1:00   Research Groups  

Texts for Spring 2002

David Orr: Ecological Literacy
Michael Carley & Phillipe Spapens: Sharing the World: Sustainable Living & Global Equity in the 21st Century
Gary Snyder: The Practice of the Wild: Essays
Freeman House: Totem Salmon: Life Lessons from Another Species
Henrik Ibsen: An Enemy of the People
Aldo Leopold: A Sand County Almanac
Paulo Friere: Pedagogy of Hope: Reliving Pedagogy of the Oppressed
Rebecca Solnit: Savage Dreams: A Journey into the Landscape Wars of the American West

Texts for Winter 2002

Terry Tempest Williams: Refuge - An Unnatural History of Family & Place
Primo Levi: The Periodic Table
Albert Camus: The Plague
bell hooks: All About Love
Parker Palmer: To Know As We Are Known
Jonathan Kozol: Ordinary Resurrections
Robert Heilbroner: The Nature and Logic of Capitalism
Jeremy Leggett: The Carbon War
Thomas E. Graedel & Paul Crutzen: Atmosphere, Climate & Change

Texts for Fall 2001

Ralph Waldo Emerson: Nature
Richard White: The Organic Machine
Hugh Brody: The Other Side of Eden
William Cronon: Changes in the Land
Luis Sepulveda: The Old Man Who Read Love Stories
Diana Muir: Reflections in Bullough's Pond
Jan Dizard: Going Wild
Carolyn Merchant: The Death of Nature

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