The Ecology of Hope

2001-02  Science Workshops/Laboratories

Spring Laboratories
Date Laboratory
April 4 A Cycle of Copper Reactions
April 11 Determination of an Empirical Formula
April 18 Gravimetric Determination of Phosphorus in Plant Food
April 25 Determination of Iron in Vitamin Tablets
May 2 Acidity and Indicators
May 14 Water Sample Collecting Photo Album


Winter Lecture/Workshops
Date Topic & Worksheet Link
January 11 Energy & Mass Budgets                                    HW #1       (Answer Key)
January 18 Atoms, Molecules & The Periodic Table
January 25 Nuclear Chemistry & Radiometric Dating Techniques
February 1 Mass Budgets & The Evolving Atmosphere
February 8 Numerical Modeling & Climate Change


Fall Lecture/Workshops
Date Topic & Worksheet Link
September 28 What is Science?
October 5 Energy & The Laws of Thermodynamics
October 19 Mathematical Foundations: Orders of Magnitude & Unit Conversions
October 26 Nature of Matter: Historical Origins & Modern Atomic Theory
November 9 Chemical Reactions & Combustion
November 15 Expanding Gases and the Nature of Work
November 30 The Nature of Light
December 7 An Overview of Global Warming

Links of Interest:

Islam and the Rise of Science (from the New York Times; 10/30/01; link requires registration)
Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Image Gallery
Nanotechnology (Scientific American special issue)