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This is a two-quarter program which will engage processes and ideas in imaging and interactivity. This is will be a very active class, requiring significant student input in the way of project execution, feedback, developing ideas for specific project scenarios, bringing areas of interest into group discussion, etc. Winter quarter will be devoted to learning photographic and digital imaging skills through weekly individual and group projects, discussion, and field trips. Spring quarter will focus on two in-depth projects. One project will incorporate alternative imaging processes, digital manipulation, and graphic printing. The second will be an interactive, site-specific project run with Global Positioning Satellite data, for which students will work together to choose a site and develop content. There will be a series of presentations on relevant topics, possibly including: the history of early computing and imaging, practical applications of imaging technologies, the role of images in various cultures and in various timeframes, and augmented space artworks and ubiquitous computer applications. Visiting Artists will include artists working with imaging and other media in new formats (Negativland, Center for Land Use Interpretation). Photography techniques will be covered insofar as optics, lighting, exposure is concerned. However, we will not use the darkroom at all, and chemical processes will be limited to slide film developing. We will use digital as well as traditional cameras. We will rely mainly on digital means to develop ideas and for output and presentation of projects.