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Winter Quarter 2003

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Physalaemus courting pair
Use the program website to stay up-to-date as changes are made to the schedule and readings. Download assignments and lecture notes here, too, including readings and handouts for the vertebrate anatomy lab (under "vertebrate lab").
Bocas Dendrobates pumilio

The winter quarter of Freshwater Ecology will include:

This two-quarter program will focus on freshwater ecosystems as models for ecological investigation. Through a combination of field work, computer labs, and biology labs we will integrate an evolutionary approach to the study of rivers, lakes and wetlands, with quantitative methods for analyzing interactions within these ecosystems.

Some of the questions central to this program include:

Faculty Name Phone Email Location
Rob Cole (360) 867-6714 rscole@evergreen.edu Lab I, room 2004
Heather Heying (360) 867-5535 heyingh@evergreen.edu Lab 1, room 3049