Class Meetings:Tuesday & Thursday 5:30 - 7:30  LabII  Room 2211
Required Texts: Anatomy & Physiology by Seeley,  Stephens & Tate
Other recommended Books : Anatomy Coloring Book
                              Physiology Coloring Book

 Abbreviated Syllabus:

Instructor: Cindy Beck, N.D.
866 - 6000  ext. 5942*
Office - Seminar 4128
       Mailbox on campus - Seminar 3127
*best way to contact

Fall Quarter
Winter Quarter
Spring Quarter
Summer Quarter

Course Objectives:
a) To familiarize students with structure and function of the major systems of the human body
b) To explore the human body's interrelationship of health and disease
c) To introduce basic laboratory procedures which monitor physiological function
 At the end of  fall quarter students will have gained an understanding of:
cell structure and function
muscle function and the similarities and differences between muscle types
bone structure, function and formation
nervous system  division, components, function including the special senses and their function

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