Respect: A Process of Universal Humanity

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 We work to create a student-center environment  to shift emphasis from teaching to learning. We offer hospitality and respect to create a true dialog based on equity.
Martha immigrated to the US from Peru many years ago, she is a leader in the Hispanic Community. 
Yvonne is a Native American from the U.S.A. and an educational leader in the Native American Community.
Mino is a Native American from the Central Peruvian Amazonia and one of the Leaders of the Ashaninka Nation. Mino is known worldwide as a leader for the Amazonia Nations.

Respect for the Ashaninka leader and respect 
for the Native American brothers. 
Respect for Mino's humanity; for being with us and making us THINK about his people and their struggles, for helping us LEARN that those struggles are just like our own struggles which have been our parents' and grandparents' struggles.
Respect for the Longhouse (the floor), respect for the feathers, for the food and the fire.
Respect for the brotherhood/sisterhood between indigenous nations. There can be nothing to divide us anymore. Today is a new beginning for all of us. What sort of ideas went through these minds? 
What do we need to learn from each other? 
Is the language a barrier or is it just our own selves?
The Longhouses were burned, didn't our elders say we need to rebuild them?
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