Voyages of Discovery and Understanding

Program Description

Description: This interdisciplinary half-time program in Ecology and Expressive Arts will examine how environment influences cultures and how cultures shape our perception and understanding of the world. We seek to understand patterns and processes in global climates and biomes, and gain some familiarity with the major biomes and the organisms in them. We will study historical voyages of discovery as well as imaginary landscapes of myth and psyche.  Our study will include the cultures and natural environments of the Middle and Far East, Polynesia, the Neotropics, and Indigenous Cultures. We will practice the arts of inquiry and methods of science, writing, music, performing, and visual arts. Students will be also engaged in research, group projects, and work in the community.
As part of the class, each student will do four hours a week of community service with a school or community organization of their choosing. Students are expected to have a completed, signed contract with a field supervisor by week five of the quarter, Nov. 2.

Credit will be awarded in community service and science, art or education, depending on the focus of the studentís work.

Objectives: To acquire abilities to perceive, comprehend, and express the world from scientific, artistic, and cultural perspectives.

Class activities: Art and science workshops, lectures, seminars, field trips and guest speakers. In addition, all students will be working with a specific community organization of their choosing.

Skills: Students will acquire and/or sharpen skills in critical thinking, creative expression and community service. Students will be able to apply scientific and /or artistic methods of inquiry. This program is part of the Arts and Culture, Environmental Studies, and International Studies pathways, and is appropriate for students interested in the fields of natural science, art, and education.

Knowledge: The studentsí acquired knowledge will be assessed through class participation, testing, portfolio, and class journal.

Expectations: Students are expected to be self-motivated, accountable to themselves, their faculty, field supervisor and classmates, passionately engaged in their study and willing to take responsibility for voicing their concerns.  Attendance of all classes and completion of program requirements are necessary for a full credit.


Books and Art supplies for Fall Term:

Voyages of Discovery and Understanding

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