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Thanks for enrolling in the Web Development Summer Institute for Faculty.

To ensure the success of this year's institute we ask that you take a few minutes to complete our on-line survey. The results of this survey will guide our planning process and enable us to provide you with an informative and interesting learning experience.

Thanks for your participation. See you in early August!

Complete the form by clicking on the radio buttons and selecting options from the drop-down boxes.

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    General Computing Experience

  1. What computer platform do you use/prefer? (check one)
    Mac PC Either

  2. What is your level of comfort with desktop computing?

    Web Development Experience

  3. Have you ever created a web page? (check one)
    Yes No

  4. If so, what was the goal or purpose of the website?
    (check one or more)
    Hobby Commercial Professional

  5. When was the last time you edited a website?

  6. What tools have you used to create web pages?
    (check one or more)
    Netscape Composer MS Front Page GoLive!
    DreamWeaver HTML only None

  7. Do you currently have Dreamweaver installed on your computer at Evergreen? Yes No

  8. Will you ever need to convert a Word, Excel or PowerPoint document into a web page? Yes No Maybe

    Image Manipulation Experience
  9. Do you have experience creating or manipulating images digitally?
    Yes No

  10. If so, what tools did you use?(check one or more)
    Photoshop Photoshop LE Fireworks MS Paint
    AppleWorks Other

  11. Have you ever scanned an image? Yes No


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