During Week 6 through Week 10 the Tuesday lab time will be dedicated to individual and group projects. In order for your project to be successful you will need to commit at least twelve hours per week to the project (half that time if you are not completing a programing component).  We recommend that you spend most of Tuesday in the lab each week.  David, Barry, Peter and Carlos will be available for the full day to assist you in your investiagations. We will be meeting you periodically to discuss your progress so if you will not be in the lab on any given week let us know. In order for us to best assist you, we ask that you complete and submit a weekly progress report indicating what you have done each week and what your plan is for the week ahead. For physics labwork I would also like you to keep an orderly, dated and titled record of your data collection, observations and experiments in your lab notebook each week. I will collect labnotebooks at the end of the quarter and will be assessing your work on the usual assessment criteria.

As you work on your project keep in mind that at the end of the project you will need to:

Most important -- this project time is supposed to be an enjoyable, yet educational opportunity to explore an area of interest in more depth than a three hour lab will allow. Have some fun while you are learning!