Spring News


Barry will be using LAB I 1007, the same conference room as last quarter for evaluation conferences. It appears there is no way for students to get into the building with his actual office!?!


Well that's all folks. Well almost. Please bring your final self-eval and a faculty evaluation for Barry and David to your conference next week. Please use the Word templates that are available in the CAL for this purpose. Check the evaluation conference schedule for your appointment.


Here is the presentation schedule. Notice that we will be starting at 9:00 am on Wednesday. Please come early -- especially if you are presenting, so that we can be ready to start on time.


Here are some reminders about what is expected for the next week.
Friday, May 28th and Saturday, May 29th Science Carnival -- check your times on the schedule
Monday, May 31st -- Memorial Day Holiday
Tuesday, June 1st -- Calculus Final is due. Everyone meet at 9:00 am in Lab II 1234 for Lab clean up. Prepare your presentations.
Wednesday, June 2nd -- Project papers and Lab Notebooks due. Read the Lab Report Criteria for what is expected in these papers.
Thursday, June 3rd -- Self-evaluation and Portfolios due. Submit formal self-evaluations using the
self evaluation worksheet as a guide to what is expected.
Presentations on Wednesday and Thursday -- The schedule will be posted this weekend. Make sure you let us know if you need special equipment. Make sure you pracitce so that your presentations are informative and coherent but do not exceed 15 minutes.
PotLuck on Thursday -- we need a few people to organize this.


Carnival Schedule. Find your appointed time. Please make sure you check the schedule and be in the right place ready to present on time.


In Class Calculus Test on Wednesday 26th May. There will be a take home test given out on Thursday. You may bring in one sheet of formulas to the in class test. Topics will include: Basic differentation and integration, differential equations, advanced integration techniques (substitution and integration by parts), partial derivatives, optimization, periodic functions, dynamical systems, gradients and critical points, taylor series and power spectrum. Many of the questions will be similar (or identical) to past exam and homework questions so please make sure you understand this material


Computing Question from take home test.


Physics Take home (with the inclass test also included). Due Monday at 10:30 am


The power spectrum programs are posted on the Python Examples page under Week 8.

5/8/04 - Computing Assignment

The computing assignment due next Thursday has been posted.

5/8/04 - Python GUI examples

The examples from Thursday's computing lecture have been posted.

5/3/04 - Projects

Have fun working on your labs this week. Remember to read the expectations for
your project work.
Also, please submit a progress report on Thursday morning each week

5/1/04 - Calculus Homework Solutions posted.

Please check the homework repository for homeworksolutions for week1 to week5. You may find it helpful for the test.

5/1/04 - Surface Graphing Program posted

In case anyone finds it useful, there is a Python program for graphing surfaces (2 variable functions) posted.

5/1/04 - Computing Homework update

The assignment document has been updated to include a description of the factorial function problem. The Instruction Set Reference and all of the files are updated to use the new instructions (CALL, RET, PUSH, POP) and allow using labels instead of addresses in the assembly code.

4/29/04 -  Calculus Take Home

 Here is the calculus take-home test. I've included the inclass portion aswell in case you want to start working on corrections!

4/26/04 -  Labs/Project and Calculus Test

Labs Please check your lab partners for this week.

Project Final Project proposals are due this week. Please read the expectations for
your project work
during the last five weeks of the quarter.

Calculus Test There are two components to this test. The in class test will be from 9:30-10:30 on Wednesday. If you think you may need extra time you are welcome to start the test at 9:00 am. There will also be a take home component which will be handed out on Thursday morning and will be due the following Monday morning.

4/21/04 -  Calculus

Solutions to the Week 1- Week 3 Calculus homework are now posted in the homework repository. There will be an in Class test Wednesday April 28th, on what we have covered from weeks 1-4.

4/19/04 -  Lab partners

Please check lab partners for this week's lab.

4/15/04 - Take Home Test

Here is the physics take home test. It is due on Monday, April 19th at 10:30 am

4/13/04 -  Lab partners

Please check lab partners for this week's lab.

No in class physics test this week -- just a take home.

4/8/04 -  Week 3

Remember that drafts of project proposals are due on Tuesday, April 13th. If you have not submitted an idea or are having second thoughts about your propsal have a look at the list of student project ideas. Many of the people who are working alone need a partner to help with their project. There will be time on Monday to talk with other people about their ideas.

4/6/04 -  Worksheets

Physics worksheet solutions (Waves, Oscillations and Relativity) have been posted.

4/5/04 -  Lab partners

Please check lab partners for this week's lab.

3/29/04 - Workshop groups and Lab partners

I've adjusted the groups a bit in cases where numbers were depleted. Please check your workshop group before coming to workshop on Monday. I've also posted the lab partners for this week's lab.

3/20/04 - Spring Website

Welcome to Spring!  Please read the Spring Quarter Syllabus if you haven't done so  already. Also look at the new room assignments. We have posted some information on Spring Quarter Projects which you should read before the start of the quarter. Finally, the Week 1 schedule is updated, so you can have a gander at what is due the first  week back. As I said, Welcome to spring!

3/19/04 - Supplementary Final Exam Question

Some of you were asked to complete an additional programming question for the computing final exam. That question is now available online.

3/12/04 - Apollo Mission Corrections

The Rocket class in the moon mission lab had a bug in it which has been fixed in the version of that module on the Python examples page. The bug caused the rocket to always point in its direction of travel regardless of how you may have oriented it to burn the Engine. This prevented it from entering Lunar orbit properly even if all calculations for burn time and direction were correct. a module with an Earth-Mars-sun system is also available if anyone wants to try getting to Mars.