Efficiency of a wind turbine
Emmett Fitch
Modeling Projectile Motion
Hien Le and Hargobind Khalsa
Rail Gun
Bradnon O'brien,John Huber, Joshua Paster
Optimal Puck Launcher
Kelly Nielson
Deflection of Beta Rays
Stephen Gussin and Dillan Kloster
Fluid Flow with CA's
John Noonan
Wave interference with CA's
Jon Lingrey
Frequencies of a Wind Harp
Karin Dear and Takehiro Yabana
Frequencies of Guitar Strings
Harlan Heise and Jenny Murphy
Skateboard Dynamics
James Vega
Circuit Simulations
Sean Connolly
John Campbell
Elasticity of Tendons
Chris Vriesma
Lens Laws
Charity McDonald
Spectral Lines
Matt Sabonia
Vibrational Modes of Molecules
Jason McIntosh and Elizabeth Kriesten
Magnetic Induction
Luke Davis
Wave/Particle Properties of Light
Britini Herick
Real Projectiles
Wobong Lee
Dynamics of a Falling Cigarette
Victor Samuels