Paris, Dakar, Fort de France: Voices of Revolution and Tradition
2003-2004: Fall, Winter, Spring
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Last Updated: 14 November 2003

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Sherrie's Final for Literature Seminar

Stacey Davis:
phone: 867-6761
office: Lab I 1024
Susan Fiksdal:
phone: 867-6329
office: Lab II 2247
Marianne Bailey:
no e-mail
phone: 867-6438
office: Lab II 2262
Judith Gabriele:
phone: 867-5487
office: Library 3226

Website Updates:

10 December 2003
I added the pictures from Sherrie's final project for Literature Seminar. They take awhile to download, but they're great pictures, so if you didn't see them during the final presentations, check them out.

14 November 2003
To those interested in traveling to France next spring, the travel section, now titled "Spring Quarter Field Trip," has been updated to reflect recent planning sessions.

22 October 2003
Everyone: Sorry, those articles that I placed on the Sociolinguistics page are now up on the All-Program page as had been intended. They need to be read before Susan's lecture on Monday. Have a good weekend.

20 October 2003
Sociolinguistics Students: I have added a message to you from Susan on the Sociolinguistics page. It includes two links to articles that you need to have read for seminar for Week 5 so make sure you visit those sites.

15 October 2003
Sociolinguistics Students: Your articles really are up now, and they should work better than the previous ones. I found a different program that makes smaller files.
History Students: I also added an article for you for Week 7. Just scroll down through the history syllabus, it's under week seven. Also, this one ought to work better than those previously made.

10 October 2003
ATTENTION ALL STUDENTS: All materials stated as "in the course packet" in the syllabus that have been given to me thus far are available on open reserve in the library. This includes several articles for the Sociolinguistics seminar, as well as articles for history and for all-program readings. There is a book on closed reserve that contains the article Sade linked and referenced on the All-Program Assignments page.

04 October 2003
ATTENTION SOCIOLINGUISTICS STUDENTS! Click on the Sociolinguistics link above. There you will find an article that you need to print out for this week's seminar.

03 October 2003
I have finished updating the Syllabus, the All-Program Assignments & Announcements, and plan on having the syllabi for the seminars up and ready to go by the end of today. There is also an important notice for the Beginning and Advanced Beginning French students from Judith about the CD's that accompany your text-books. Click on the link above that says "Beginning & Advanced Beginning French" to read what she has to say.

29 Sept 03
Over the next few days content on this page will be changing considerably as updates are made. Keep in mind that much of this is intended for information's sake only, and is not to be treated as the final word unless noted as such.

09 Sept 03
Welcome to the website for Paris, Dakar, Fort de France: Voices of Revolution and Tradition. Above this text box you will find links to general information about this program. Below this text box to the left you will find the contact information for your faculty. Directly below this box are links to information about the different sections of this program. Each link includes assignment lists to be updated as assignments are given.

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