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2004-05 PATIENCE:
A Survival Process for an Unknown Future TO PERU IN WINTER 2005 -TALK TO RAUL
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Once you have publicly presented your project, then:
Email us:
- your self eval
- the letter in the 3rd. person about your own work
- your faculty/program eval- A credit distribution note.

Conferences and group conferences will continue this week (tuesday June 1st. and thursday June 3rd.) bring with you the work you want to share with us.

Please hand in hard copies of your official self-evaluation and faculty/program eval to Pam Udovich, her office is in Lab I First Floor.
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TESC Campus 

THU MAY 6TH. Tony P.
TU MAY 11TH. Merrill H., Sean D., Isaac S., Morgan T.
THU MAY 13TH. Zale C., Michelle F., Sean C.
TU May 18th. Amy K., Michelle D. Kyle A.
THU May 20th.
Marc S., 
Maco, Patricia P.
TU May 25th,
Dylan J., Ariel An., Karl M., Adam S. (pig), Keylee M.,  Laura Schmidt, Gail McCall, Matt Derrick, 
Dustin G., Michael A.

David Rutledge
 Raul Nakasone
 Gary Peterson
Yvonne Peterson

Program Support:
Pam Udovich
John McGee
Sarah Pedersen
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Saturday Special Topics classes 
These classes are available to Reservation Based students who may need to make up time for class time that might have been missed in RBCD.  Classes are from 9:00am to 3:00pm on Saturdays.
April 24 -Gary Peterson - Terry Cross - Native American Word View.
May 8 - Yvonne Peterson, Trudy Marcellay - Native American Art:  Drum Making
May 22
Sasha Harmon will discuss the issue of blood quantums in Indian communities.
June 5
-Presentations: Trisha, Barbara, Kathleen. Juanita, Autumn, Mandy
Ann Szwajkowski;
Walter T. and Ben R.; Tony B.; Mikka S.; Karin T.; sean t.; Rar Jungle--Video; Adam L. and Lindsey W.
Eric R.; Bao L.

Tuesday June 1st.
Chris L., Megan D., Keith H., Blake B. and Peter E.; Robert F., Hong N.
Thursday June 3rd.
Ethan S.; Jacob B.
Saturday June 5th.
Barbara, Kathleen, Juanita, Salena,  Autumn, Trisha, Mandy, Theresa S., Sean, Will, Dan