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Shakespeare, Body & Soul

TESC spring quarter 2004

Faculty: Marl a Elliott & Pete Sinclair


This program will take on a broadly based study of Shakespeare's work, his times, and his meaning in modern culture. We will devote time to reading and discussing his work, to training our voices to speak Elizabethan verse, to critically analyzing dramatic interpretations of Shakespeare, and to presenting our own unique performances.

Listed below are the minimal standards for credit in the program. We assume that students understand that they are responsible for their learning and will therefore aim high and set personal standards that stretch their intellectual potential.

All students and faculty in this program will:

The minimum basis for awarding credit in this program is:

Credit equivalencies for the quarter will be:

2 qh Writing 3 qh Interpretation of Dramatic Literature 3 qh Communications

Assigned work must be completed and submitted on time. Incompletes generally will not be granted, except in unusual circumstances. Any extended deadline must be negotiated with faculty.


Marla Beth Elliott:

Pete Sinclair: